Operations Sessions

There are still a few available slots for op sessions. If you're interested please e-mail Scott Dunlap, the Op Session Coordinator. Scott's e-mail address is [email protected].
Owner Name Scale Ops Schedule Distance Status
Crew Heimer B&O Sand Patch Lines HO Thu 7pm 51 miles / 70 minutes Filled
Howard Goodwin MMR Great Cypress Lines HO Sat 1pm 16 miles / 25 minutes Available
Jerry Michnewicz MMR New York Central HO Thu 7pm 32 miles / 45 minutes Filled
Jim and Chris Davis Tar Heel Western HO Thu 7pm 5 miles / 9 minutes Filled
Jim Travis Jamestown & Turtle Creek Interchange HO Fri 2pm 9 miles / 15 minutes Filled
John Travis MMR Johnstown and Gerryville HO Sat 9am 65 miles / 100 minutes Available
Larry Lammes Boston and Maine HO Sun 1pm 85 miles / 110 minutes Available
Mark Bridgwater Feather River Route N Fri 2pm 48 miles / 60 minutes Filled
Norm Stenzel Brandywine and Benedictine HO Fri 9am 62 miles / 80 minutes Available
Paul Schenk Boston and Maine HO Fri 9am 44 miles / 60 minutes Filled
Perry Lamb Utah, Colorado & Western HO Sat 1pm 22 miles / 30 minutes Available
Roy Masterson Southern Railway HO Sun 12:30pm 70 miles / 75 minutes Filled
Thomas Lloyd Norfolk & Western Railway HO Fri 7pm 51 miles / 70 minutes Filled
Tom Klimoski Georgia Northeastern HO Sat 9am 105 miles / 130 minutes Filled
Tri-State Model Railroaders L&N Old Line HO Thu Noon 68 miles / 80 minutes Filled