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Modeling the PS4

How to model and paint the SRR PS4

Doug Alexander
Adding realism to operations

How to add variety and unexpected changes to an operating session to make it more realistic.

Jim/Christopher Davis
Will It Stick?

Modeling glues and how to use them

Ovidiu Trifanescu
Digitrax Tricks of the Trade, Making your Digitrax system ALMOST bullet proof

Details on how to install and enhance the Digitrax system in order to increase reliability.

Norm Stenzel
Scenery techniques, concrete, weathering and ground work

Tips, tricks and live demo by one of the nation's best diorama modelers

Craig Brotman
Building and manufacturing prototype structures

New releases and information from Rail-Scale models

Stephen Milley
Incorporating Prototype Rules and Procedures into your ops session

Using actual prototype procedures, how to make your op session more like the real thing

Thomas Klimoski
Shooting the Crescent

How to video and photograph the prototype with loads of actual video clips of the Amtrak Crescent

Craig Knox
Earning the Author Certificate

How to earn the author certificate, and enjoy the process. Scott makes a potentially sleepy topic entertaining!

Scott Dunlap
Layout Scenic Animation

How to incorporate animation into your layout

Mac McCann
Electrical Soldering

Tips, tricks and techniques in soldering electrical circuits for your layout.

David Carlton
Easy Speed Matching and Consisting with DCC

How to synchronize the speed of multi-unit lashups without excessive greying of hair and gnashing of teeth

David Carlton
Freight Yard Design

How to design freight yards for your layout

Scott Perry