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Owner Name Opens Hours Scale Distance Wheelchair Accessible
Albert Churella MMR Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Fri 10:00am 6 On2 16 miles / 22 minutes No
Arnold Eaves Tri-State Holdings and Affiliated Lines Fri 10:00am 6 N 25 Miles No
Chatsworth Depot Chatsworth Depot Thu 10:00am 3 G, HO 46 Miles Yes
Chatsworth Depot Chatsworth Depot Sat 10:00am 3 G, HO 46 Miles Yes
Christopher White British Railways-Waterloo Wessex, Union Pacific-Yellowstone North Sun 12:00pm 4 OO/HO 40 Miles No
Dave Bennett Train Installations Warehouse Open House Sat 9:00am 4 29 Miles Yes
Gary Fish Bigfish & Chattahoochee RR Thu 7:00pm 2 HO 27 Miles Yes
Jerry Michnewicz MMR New York Central Sat 10:00am 6 HO 32 miles / 45 minutes Yes
Jim and Chris Davis Tar Heel Western Fri 10:00am 2 HO 5 miles / 9 minutes No
Jim Travis Jamestown & Turtle Creek Interchange Sun 12:00pm 4 HO 9 miles / 15 minutes No
Joe Nichols Jr MMR Alpine Central Railroad Sun 1:00pm 4 HOn3 42 Miles No
John Bacon Chama Junction Sun 10:00am 4 On30 38 Miles No
Kevin Stemple Blue Valley Railroad Sat 9:00am 4 HO 24 Miles No
Lawrence Romaine Tupelo & Logan RR Sat 11:00am 3 N 87 Miles Yes
Lawrence Romaine Tupelo & Logan RR Thu 10:00am 2 N 87 Miles Yes
Mark Bridgwater Feather River Route Sun 12:00pm 3 N 48 miles / 60 minutes No
Philip Stead Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad  Sat 9:00am 4 On3 32 Miles No
Raymond Stewart Mid-America and Northwestern, Pine View Branch Sat 10:00am 4 HO 37 miles No
Stefan Bartelski Blue Ridge Line Sun 10:00am 4 HO 38 Miles No
Steve Austin Elkhorn Iron & Timber Company Railroad Sat 10:00am 3 On30 38 Miles No
Tate Depot Tate Depot Sat 10:00am 4 HO 33 Miles Yes