Owner Name Scale Tour Schedule Op Sessions Schedule Distance Wheelchair Accessible
Albert Churella MMR Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes On2 Friday 16 miles / 22 minutes No
Arnold Eaves Tri-State Holdings and Affiliated Lines N Saturday 25 Miles No
Chatsworth Depot Chatsworth Depot G, HO Thursday 46 Miles Yes
Chatsworth Depot Chatsworth Depot G, HO Saturday 46 Miles Yes
Christopher White British Railways-Waterloo Wessex, Union Pacific-Yellowstone North OO/HO Sunday 40 Miles No
Crew Heimer B&O Sand Patch Lines HO Thu 7pm 51 miles / 70 minutes
Dave Bennett Train Installations Warehouse Open House Sat 9am-1pm 29 Miles Yes
Gary Fish Bigfish & Chattahoochee RR HO Thursday 27 Miles Yes
Howard Goodwin MMR Great Cypress Lines HO Sat 1pm 16 miles / 25 minutes
Jerry Michnewicz MMR New York Central HO Saturday Thu 7pm 32 miles / 45 minutes Yes
Jim and Chris Davis Tar Heel Western HO Friday Thu 7pm 5 miles / 9 minutes No
Jim Travis Jamestown & Turtle Creek Interchange HO Fri 2pm 9 miles / 15 minutes No
Joe Nichols Jr MMR Alpine Central Railroad HOn3 Sunday 42 Miles No
John Bacon Chama Junction On30 Sunday 38 Miles No
John Travis MMR Johnstown and Gerryville HO Sat 9am 65 miles / 100 minutes
Kevin Stemple Blue Valley Railroad HO Saturday 24 Miles No
Larry Lammes Boston and Maine HO Sun 1pm 85 miles / 110 minutes
Lawrence Romaine Tupelo & Logan RR N 87 Miles Yes
Lawrence Romaine Tupelo & Logan RR N 87 Miles Yes
Mark Bridgwater Feather River Route N Fri 2pm 48 miles / 60 minutes No
Norm Stenzel Brandywine and Benedictine HO Fri 9am 62 miles / 80 minutes
Paul Schenk Boston and Maine HO Fri 9am 44 miles / 60 minutes
Perry Lamb Utah, Colorado & Western HO Sat 1pm 22 miles / 30 minutes
Philip Stead Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad  On3 32 Miles No
Raymond Stewart Mid-America and Northwestern, Pine View Branch HO 37 miles No
Roy Masterson Southern Railway HO Sun 12:30pm 70 miles / 75 minutes
Stefan Bartelski Blue Ridge Line HO 38 Miles No
Steve Austin Elkhorn Iron & Timber Company Railroad On30 38 Miles No
Tate Depot Tate Depot HO 33 Miles Yes
Thomas Lloyd Norfolk & Western Railway HO Fri 7pm 51 miles / 70 minutes
Tom Klimoski Georgia Northeastern HO Sat 9am 105 miles / 130 minutes No
Tri-State Model Railroaders L&N Old Line HO Thu Noon 68 miles / 80 minutes